Aerial view of bridge, sea and snowy mountains in Lofoten Islands, Norway. Fredvang bridges at sunset in winter. Landscape with blue water, rocks in snow, road and sky with clouds. Top view from drone


Producing affordable, safe, and sustainable nutritional solutions to nurture a growing global population is more challenging than ever. Reliable suppliers, short supply chains, availability and safety of raw materials & resources are essential.

Greenitives Norway produces life cycle ingredients based on 100% natural Arctic Marine Minerals sourced from Norway’s crystal clear waters.

We are based in one of the most sustainable countries in the world, in the beating heart where the Green Energy Transition takes place. Our production facility is based in Vestland, close to the European market.

A passion for the ocean and being sustainably pragmatic are Norwegian values, and it’s part of our DNA. We are Greenitives Norway.


Coastal areas north of the Polar Circle foster extensive plant-based and calcified Arctic Marine Minerals deposits. Accumulation occurred in the past thousands of years, and water storms form new banks as an ongoing process.

The ocean contains the most extensive resources of (trace) minerals. Greenitives Norway has licenses to harvest Arctic Marine Minerals sustainably, under the supervision of the Norwegian government, with great care for the environment. The Norwegian government does geological and environmental research in cooperation with research institutes to ensure long-term value.



Arctic Marine Minerals are used for various applications by numerous industries. The Arctic conditions, temperature, and light give unique features to our products.

Our products serve as a substitute for certain land-based rock-mining (trace) minerals and chemical compounds. Arctic Marine Minerals are soft, very reactive & bio-available, offering various nutritional and health benefits.


Do you prefer land-based rock-mining (trace) minerals and chemical compounds or 100% natural Arctic Marine Minerals to rock your performance? Greenitives Norway offers you a choice.

Our promise:

  • a reliable producer with Norwegian values
  • direct access to resources
  • sustainably pragmatic
  • short supply chain
  • quality control from the seabed to the finished product